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Arioso Strings musicians have experience performing everything from the great masters of classical and baroque music to jazz, sacred, pop, celtic music and more.  We have performed Sinatra style cocktail hours, Celtic music ceremonies, Beatles favorites, Black Eyed Peas, Jack Johnson, Prince and U2, among others.  The posibilities are endless!


With our extensive music library of well over 1,000 selections, we recommend that our clients check out wedding music compilation CDs, online resources and live performances to start a list of your favorite music.  We love to help you personalize your event with music.  If you don't know where to start, we are happy to suggest titles!


We have included a a few samples of our music as well as a general repertoire list for your perusal to get you started.

Don't know where to start with music planning?  Imagine the ambiance you are looking for or that would fit your venue: Romantic and elegant? Traditional or sacred? Majestic? Upbeat? Trendy and Fun? 


Our PDF list is just a small sample of what we offer.

String Quartet - Sample
Violin Duo - Sample
Violin & Bass - Sample
Violin & Bass - Jazz Sample
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